Buy The Right Vending Machine At The Right Price

There are tons of different vending machines out there and they are all different. there are many new ideas being pitched. be careful, the machines must generate enough sales volume to pay itself off and start making you money.

Narrowing it down to four main types, you’ll find they consist of: Snack vending machines: These are machines that sell mainly food and are often placed next to a drink machine. The newer machines will often have credit card readers which are really easy to set up and can add great value to your machine.

Soda vending machines: These are the most popular style of vending machine but may often times be old, outdated, and very limited on their abilities. You can steal a great location by being able to offer an updated soda machine that can vend the newer bottles, Red Bulls, water, Gatorade, etc. Offer credit cards and you will be bumped up a notch again.

Combo vending machines: These are machines that sell both snacks and drinks all in one and take up much less space and energy. They work well in office settings or smaller businesses what don’t warrant having two full size snack and soda machines. Keep in mind they also hold half the amount of each snack and drink.

Bulk candy vending machines: These are your traditional gumball or M&M machines. They work best in malls, restaurants, barber shops, and the like; they are usually pretty easy to place.

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