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Driver – Morning Preparation

  • Load Truck (if not able to the night before)
    • Load truck in servicing sequence
    • Check kits for accuracy
    • In summer check for a ‘candy kit’
  • Check for orders (coffee, cups, sugar etc) for your route
  • Check for food machines on route – Kit food if needed and stamp dates properly
  • Check for product changes that may require an updated product label to bring

Load back pack –

  • Grab Vending Keys
  • Grab Money Bags
  • Grab Coin Bags

Location – Follow PPE Company Guidelines of that location and A&M before entering location

  • Get kits & drinks, backpack & load handtruck
    • Double check your “order”
    • Bring any coffee orders etc with you
      • Get invoice signed and give them a copy – turn in @ A&M Office
    • At Machine:
      • Unlock machine and secure keys to belt
      • Place your sheet where you can easily see it while loading machine.
      • Money
        1. Replenish coin – add wrapper used into that machine money bag & add to stock app
        2. Hit DEX button for the appropriate device
        3. Remove money from Bill acceptor & Coin bin and place in money bag
          (Do this after you service machine when possible so you can secure the bag)
      • Service Machine
        • Snack
          • Check Date – check & correct inventory #’s
          • Test columns that look unsold or are reporting problems
          • Tuck bags neatly facing forward – fan out bags to ensure no missing spirals
          • Check app for price changes
          • Ensure closed shelves in proper position
        • Soda
          • Check dates – check & correct inventory #’s
          • Test columns that look unsold or are reporting problems
          • Check and clean compressor front
          • Check product column/selection for correct loading
          • Check Parlevel for price changes & mis-matched prices

Make sure doors are secured and closed & locked & machine is working

Royal 660 


Royal 660 loading

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