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In order to have a successful move please read and follow the points below.

Move schedules are dependent on good weather and may need to be cancelled if bad
weather is upon us.

Machines must be empty prior to the move

Machines need to be able to be opened (keys)

*** Delivery/Moves are scheduled for moves only. Anything outside of this scope of work
agreed upon for the move would need to have a technician scheduled at another date.

You will be charged for a move (additional charges) if:

Machines will not fit through doorways
Any doors or posts needing removal need to be done by you or the locations maintenance team.
If there are any curbs or steps and you did not communicate there were steps
Machines are not accepted by the location owner/manager
Machine cannot be delivered for any reason that is beyond VendMedic control
If machines brought back to our shop you will be charged for the move & storage fees
More than 3 doors

Any delays due to location issues or the customer of VendMedic that imbeds the progress of the
delivery would cause additional charges or rescheduling

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