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Mars VN2311 U3 Bill Acceptor 110/115v

Used Mars VN2311 bill validator.

This unit has been tested and is in full working condition.
Unit will only accept $1 bills.

Please ensure that this validator is compatible with your machine prior to purchase.

This unit will run on a 117V system. Do not use this validator on a 24V system.

Dimensions: 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00 in

Clean, tested, working

Standard soda bezel. If different bezel needed please advise.

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MEI Mars VN 2512 Bill Acceptor Validator Snack Bezel Used

MEI Mars VN2512 $1/$5 Bill Acceptor/Validator accepts $1 and $5 bills
Accepts New $5 bills also.
24v – works with most multi-price soda machines and snack machines with electronic coin mechs using the MDB standard.
Increase your revenue 20% or more when you add $5 bill acceptance! It pays for it self in weeks not months.

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MEI Mars VN 2521 Bill Validator Acceptor

The VN 2000 series bill acceptor is widely known as the best validator on the market. 

The VN-2521 is most commonly used in cold food vending machines. 

This unit is what’s known as a “flashport” model, which means it can be upgraded using a simple hand held programmer for any new currency updates that come out. 

These validators have already been upgraded to the latest currency versions, including the 2008 $5 bill. 

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Refurbished Conlux NBM-3120 Bill Validator, $1 & 5 Bills, Tested-Working

NBM-3120 24V/34V MDB Dollar Bill Validator Acceptor Changer Takes $1s, & New $5s, The NBM-3110 and NBM-3120 are interchangeable with one another with no modifications needed. The difference between the NBM-3110 and NBM-3120 is the bill stacker size. Both Models as well as the Bill Stackers (Bill Boxes) are  interchangeable with one another. The 3110 stacker / bill box capacity is 700 bills while the 3120 is 400 bills.

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