3 (AP) AUTOMATIC PRODUCTS 23″ SNACK TRAY DIVIDERS 4600, 6600, 7600, 112, 113XL


 23″ Snack Tray Dividers for AP models 4500, 4600, 6600,7600, 112 &113 XL series snack vending machines.

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Vendmedic is offering 3 –23″ Snack Tray Divider for AP models 4500, 4600, 6600, 7600, 112 &113 XL series snack vending machines. The purpose of this divider is to keep the snack product from slipping out of the side of coil when coil rotates front. The length of divider measures 23″. This divider is spring loaded and installs in seconds. The divider is lightly used.

Note: Make sure you have the XL version and not the short version snack machine. The XL is a deeper snack machine.

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Dimensions24 × 6 × 4 in
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