Coinco MAG50B Bill Acceptor


This bill acceptor can take $1’s & $5’s allowing for large ticket items to be vended.

Coinco Mag Pro dollar bill acceptor / validator model # MAG50B / MAG30B, one of the most dependable and reliable bill validators on the market.

Features high visibility green flashing LED lights to draw attention and increase sales. Accepts new and old bills including the most recent version of $1, $5

Has a dual interface, single price or multi-price and can run on 110V or 34V MDB. Cable is not included.

The difference between The MAG50B and the MAG30B is the size of the bill box. MAG50 = 500 bills MAG30 – 300 bills

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 8 in
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