Refurbished Conlux NBM 3140 Bill Validator Acceptor

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Conlux NBM 3140 Bill Validator Acceptor

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This is a refurbished NIPPON CONLUX  NBM-3140 or NBM-3120 24V/34V MDB Dollar Bill Validator Acceptor Changer DBA Takes $1’s, & New $5’s.

The NBM-3140 and NBM-3120 are interchangeable with one another with no modifications needed. The difference between the NBM-3140 and NBM-3120 is the bill stacker size. Both Models as well as the Bill Stackers (Bill Boxes) are  interchangeable with one another. The 3140 stacker / bill box capacity is 700 bills while the 3120 is 400 bills. You may have to swap your bill stacker to the bill acceptor you receive, stackers simply snap off and on. There is no need to specify one or the other on this order. These models have Cold Drink (soda) Machine Type Interface Masks (Faces) and interface with MDB systems.

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8 × 5 in
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