Crane 181 Snack Machine

Specifications – Merchant Six (Model 181)
  • Dimensions 72.0″ H X 37.8″ D X 43.6″ W.
  • Weight 610 lbs.
  • Electrical 115 V, 60Hz, 3A.
  • Configurations 7-Shelf: 60 Selections. 6-Shelf: 48 Selections.


Totally refurbished completely tested and working. Has Vendors Exchange upgraded side door.


Build volume growth, productivity and customer satisfaction with the distinctly different Merchant Six.  50% more spirals, more capacity and new dynamic user interface are just some of the features that improve consumer experience and drive same location sales. Up to 7 shelves and 12-wide configurations for a variety of product inventory

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  • 6-shelf and 7-shelf configurations
  • Shelf height can be adjusted in ½” increments for ultimate flexibility
  • Easy loading shelves with no latches
  • Single-piece cabinet wrapper construction design is built to last
  • Proven electronic platform with new features—upload/download software and configuration with memory stick, language translation, remote price changes (via Streamware Connect), plus all Snack center features and more graphics to attract customers and drive same-store sales growth

Additional information

Weight 670 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 48 × 77 in
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