Mars TRC-6800H



MEI Mars TRC-6800H single price coin changer, vend price may be set in nickel increments. It is 110 volt and has a Jones pin plug (8 blades, 1 pin).  Works in any single priced vending machine and has pigtail to connect to bill validator.  Changer has quarter, dime, and nickel tubes. Unit accepts $1 coins as well.  The 6800H is a direct Upgrade for the Mars, MC-5800, MC-5800DH, TRC-6200,TRC-6800, It may also be used to upgrade the Coinco 110V-117V S75 9800 Series , 3340-S & 3341-S & 9341-S
These units have been through a complete factory authorized refurbish and then tested

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