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Federal | MP40 selection snack vendor


The Federal Machine snack vending machine is the MP40 Snack machine. It incorporates features proven to increase the value of your snack vending business. With 40 Selections, this snack machine offers maximum selection.

New electronic controls on the MP40

feature vend sensing money back technology and 6 adjustable shelves. Also features iVend Vend sensing

technology, which uses an infrared light to prevent customers losing out on their desired purchase.

The MP40 Snack machine is one of the most profitable and versatile snack machines on the market. 

Dimensions: 34.75 x 41.10 x 72.00 in


MP40 Snack / Candy Vending Machine - 
40 Selection Snack, Candy and Food Vending Machine 
is the perfect choice for high volume locations.  With 15 Snack, 18 Candy, Snack, Cracker, 2 Gum & Mint and 5 Pastry Selections available, this vending machine has the selections and capacity any large office, factory, plant, school or other high traffic location can demand.  

Comes with the iVend sensing system, which virtually eliminates misvends and guarantees product delivery! During vending, if item drop is not sensed by the iVend ▪ tray beam, a second vend cycle is started. If the product 
is still not sensed as dropped by iVend , the customer's credit is restored so they can make another selection !


▪ 40 Total Snack, Candy, Mint or Gum Selections
▪ 630 Total Snack / Candy Standard Capacity
▪ Gum / Mint Spirals Standard
▪ iVend / Guaranteed Vend Technology Enabled 
▪ Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant 
▪ Individual pricing - $0 to $99.95 in $.05 Increments 
▪ Large Brightly Lit Product Display Window
▪ Bright LED display + Quick FIFO product loading 
▪ Simple customer and operator machine controls 
▪ Product Trays Tilt For Easy Loading & Servicing. 
▪ 5 Flex Trays with Adjustable Heights in 1▪ increments
▪ Re-configurable Product Spacing for Variable item size
▪ DEX and UCS Capable  / High Security Package available
▪ Satellite Drink or Frozen Food add-ons units available !
▪ Sturdy All-Steel Construction with Durable Powder Coat
  Painted Surfaces for Years of Reliable Vending Service
▪ Multi-Price Coin Mech + MDB Bill Acceptor ($1 & $5 Bills)
▪ Includes Conlux $1 + $5 Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA)