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Vending Machine Maintenance

Keep your Soda Machine clean

If you want to have great long lasting soda machine, then cleaning is a priority. It takes a small amount of time, but the effort will outweigh the costs that may incur if left dirty. These basic routine maintenance steps will keep your vending machine up and running for years to come.

Word of Caution about Cleaning Your Soda Machine
We will get one thing out of the way first you should NEVER clean your machine with any power washers, jet sprayers, hoses or water nozzles. This WILL ruin the vital electrical components that are located inside your vending machine and this will cost you in the long run. I should also unplug your vendor before cleaning just to be extra cautious by avoiding electrical shock.

Outside cabinet of your soda machine
This is what your customers will see and hopefully be attracted to your drink vending machine. You will want to clean the outer cabinet with a good mixture of warm water and mild soap. You can achieve this by using a damp cloth or sponge and a good sized bucket. Just wipe the whole thing down top to bottom left to right. Then rinse and dry the machine, remember not to use a hose to rinse the machine off.

Now for that extra shine on your machine. It is a good automotive wax and a good buffing would be great. All you need to do is just apply the wax as you would on a car, or follow the instructions on the wax itself, let dry and with a dry cloth or buffer, it you prefer, take the wax off and buff to a pristine shine. Be careful of the nooks and cracks in the machine as the wax may be hard to get out of those areas. Now who can resist a bright and shiny Coke or Pepsi vending machine?

Here is a good video of keeping the inside clean that is from Vendnet USA. Even though it is relating to their machines the steps in care are the same.



Setting Price on a Dixie Narco Vending Machine

The Dixie Narco soda vending machines that have the SIID controller can have their prices set very easily. The vending machine has two modes of operation. One is the normal mode and the other is the service mode. To enter the service mode you will need to open the vending machine door and press the service mode button that it found on the control board of the vendor. To find the control board you can follow the wiring back from the coin mechanism to where it plugs into a device that is similar looking to a computer board with a lot of wiring coming out of it. Amongst these wires you will find a button that can be pressed. Go ahead press it you won’t get shocked or ruin your vending machine.

The service mode has many different options that you can program into your vending machine. We are going to focus on one particular the “SP” or Set Price menu option. When you have press the service button on the control board, you have entered the service mode of your soda vending machine you will see “HD” displayed on the front LED display of your vending machine. This will display for about 2 minutes if no buttons have been pressed your vending machine will return to the normal mode.

From here we are going to want to use the very first two selection buttons to move through the options for programming your machine. To move to the next programmable option you are going to want to press the first to selection buttons simultaneously, together, until you see “RD” displayed on the LED. Now we are going to repeat this step once more and press them together one more time and now you should see “SP” displayed. This is where we going to want to be. This is the Set Price mode of the vendor.

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